Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Coming Back

So I started on this blogging thing a few months ago. And I loved it. I have always turned to writing in good times and bad. Then I changed jobs.  And became even busier than before.  How is that even possible? And I don’t think it was just the job change. I just couldn’t figure out how to make time for the writing because all of a sudden it seemed too hard to find the time. And time is precious. But there was that nagging little voice inside my head, telling me something was missing.  I had it and then I lost it. Something very important to me. Something precious. But time is precious. And then I put it together. Writing is precious too.  But even then, I still just kept thinking about it, just thinking. 

And then, my phenomenal Listen To Your Mother friends came through for me, as they always do. Truly a lifelong sisterhood. With suggestions on how to get back on track. Never judging, just encouraging. 

And then there was the journal.  My sweet, sweet daughter gave me this journal to write down blog ideas before they flew past my mind into the wind.  And the journal was on my desk.  And it was waiting.

So here I am again.  Writing.  Feeling quite pleased. Setting aside time to write every day. My time.  Because time is precious.