Sunday, May 19, 2013


When my computer starts to act funky I remind myself to reboot.  I press the “power off” button and the computer urchins that live underneath the keyboard do their magic.  I imagine them hustling and bustling around in there as they re-organize my files and photos and endless emails and then woolah! I turn my computer back on and everything works again. Amazing!  Kudos and eternal gratefulness to those little computer urchins who do their job so well.

After a particularly grueling day consisting of hours and hours spent at my computer I realized that though my computer was still working fine, I could no longer put a coherent sentence together. This time it was my brain that needed the reboot! It was late afternoon and a beautiful day outside. I decided a walk was just what I needed to clear my head and re-focus my thinking.

As I stepped outside, I snapped a quick photo:

As you look at it, you will probably think, of course she took a photo, there were two people with horses riding down the middle of her street!  And yes, there were! Quite astounding!  Definitely something unexpected to wrap my re-booting brain around!

But there are other things in this photo that are quite noteworthy.  It is not the best angle to see this but there are some dirt piles behind a new house that was just built in our neighborhood. Look closely, behind the dumpster and you will see what I mean.  As I walked by the dirt pile two young boys raced out of the new house.  They gleefully and quite energetically jumped again and again in the dirt piles.  After some major jumping they grabbed some wooden planks. A bit of collaborating and they figured out how to use the planks to connect the dirt piles. Then, balancing carefully, they walked the planks!  Children outside in the sunshine. Children playing in dirt. Children figuring out how to work together and use wooden planks as tools.  This was a childhood scene to celebrate.  And I just knew they were making the kind of memories that will last well beyond the years of childhood.

As I continued my walk I got to meet the new neighbor and new neighbor dog who moved into the house with the wonderful dirt piles.  Another score for a happy brain re-booting experience!

And see those clouds in the sky? Well, in between the burst of sunshine it felt like it was maybe going to rain, but it didn’t!

By the time I made it back home I was feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my work. Even though what I really wanted to do was leave the computer to the urchins and go ride a horse and jump in a whole bunch of dirt.  Maybe tomorrow . . .

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